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Vulcan South Deployment Information

Summer 2005 Deployment

This summer the Vulcan South project has four people at the South Pole for approximately two weeks. We are here to install the repaired CCD camera, fix the Gmount, and upgrade parts of our control software. You can get two different perspectives on our adventures from Doug's diary and from Jessie's diary.

Also, check out the pictures from the South Pole and the places mentioned in our diaries, including the tragic pictures from the abandoned team member.

2005 Deployment Dates
Name Location Deployment Date Return
Doug Caldwell South Pole 26 January 14 February
Fred Witteborn South Pole 26 January 09 February
Jessie Christiansen (UNSW) South Pole 26 January 09 February
Colin Bonner (UNSW) South Pole 26 January 09 February

Summer 2004 Deployment

We've finally got new South Pole photos including "first light" from the Vulcan South telescope.

2003/2004 Deployment Dates
Name Location Deployment Date Return
Jessica Dempsey (UNSW) South Pole 1 January Mid-January
Doug Caldwell South Pole 18 January 8 February
Kevin Martin South Pole 12 January 29 January
Michael Ashley (UNSW) and Mark Jarnyk (ANU) South Pole 12 January 29 January
Jason Dunham South Pole 28 January 8 February

View our 2004 web log at Our Australian colleagues keep great diaries of their Antarctic adventures. Check out Michael Ashley's diary complete with movies!



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